Binary Slip // Premiere in Switzerland

2 May 2017

Tomorrow I’m heading to Winterthur, Switzerland for the premiere of Binary Slip, a new work for String Trio and Prepared Piano. The fantastic Ensemble TaG Winterthur commissioned the piece as well as many other new works for their ‘Next Generation’ concert – I can’t wait to work with these brilliant musicians and hear loads of new music.

Here’s some composery nonsense about the piece:

Binary Slip is a loosely structured work that functions like a piece of computer based generative music might.
The  performers are assigned an individual tempo and a series of simple cells of music to move through. Within each cell there is room for interpretation resulting in unpredictable interactions between the musicians. The slowly shifting tempos, a nod to Reich’s tape pieces, cause the cells of material to slip away from one another, creating increasingly complex textures. The piece will never be exactly the same twice.

I’ll be sharing some videos and recordings later in May.