Podcast Launch // excuse the mess

7 September 2017


Yesterday I released my new music podcast ‘excuse the mess’.
The pilot episode is with Manu Delago a brilliant composer percussionist and hang drum pioneer.

Find out more about the podcast here.

Find it here:
Soundcloud (full podcast)
Soundcloud (track only)
Episode 1 on website


Shortlisted // Britten Sinfonia OPUS 2017

18 August 2017

I’ve been wanting to sneak my way onto this scheme for years!
I was very happy, excited and surprised to hear that I’m one of three composers shortlisted for this years OPUS.
The others being Mark Bowler and Daniel McDermott, check them out.

I’ll be extending an initial sketch I’d made for the application process. This will be chewed up and spat out at a workshop in September with musicians from the Britten Sinfonia AND one of my favourite composers Nik Bärtsch, a composer that has had a huge impact on my music, a living breathing inspiration.

I’ll keep you posted…


Something’s Cooking Up

15 August 2017

EtM Smaller

Norway // Dancey Workshops

29 June 2017

I went to Norway on Sunday, then I came back. I was working with two Laban legends, Ingvild Olsen and Rachel Blomberg; who were running three days of workshops for da local youth – I was providing live noises from my designated area in the corner. It was so much fun!!

I bloody loved Norway, what a beautiful country. This was my first visit but hopefully it’s something we can repeat every year. Tusen Takk to Ing and Rachel for asking me to join in and to Ing’s mum for the 5 star cooking.


The Noonday Witch // Winner!

3 June 2017

My score for The Noonday Witch (aka Polednice) has won the award for best music at Imagineindia International Film Festival this year! A big thanks to them for selecting it – a very pleasant surprise indeed!


Binary Slip // Premiere in Switzerland

2 May 2017

Tomorrow I’m heading to Winterthur, Switzerland for the premiere of Binary Slip, a new work for String Trio and Prepared Piano. The fantastic Ensemble TaG Winterthur commissioned the piece as well as many other new works for their ‘Next Generation’ concert – I can’t wait to work with these brilliant musicians and hear loads of new music.

Here’s some composery nonsense about the piece:

Binary Slip is a loosely structured work that functions like a piece of computer based generative music might.
The  performers are assigned an individual tempo and a series of simple cells of music to move through. Within each cell there is room for interpretation resulting in unpredictable interactions between the musicians. The slowly shifting tempos, a nod to Reich’s tape pieces, cause the cells of material to slip away from one another, creating increasingly complex textures. The piece will never be exactly the same twice.

I’ll be sharing some videos and recordings later in May.



Reich and Morty // Human Music

30 April 2017


I made some fan music for two of the greatest things. Steve Reich and Rick and Morty.
Phasey, phasey!


Symbiotic // Live Recording

19 April 2017

Symbiotic everyone!

I hope you enjoy listening to this piece as much as I enjoyed making it with the talented youngsters of Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company and of course working again with Jack Philp, who choreographed the piece.

Live video coming soon.


SYMBIOTIC // Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company

16 February 2017

I’m very excited to be heading to Wales tomorrow for a week of collaboration with Jack Philp and the Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company. Jack, a regular collaborator of mine has been commissioned to choreograph a new work for the company. He has asked me to provide the beeps, blips and blops.

Here’s a teaser of the sound world we’re working within for this piece, SYMBIOTIC. The music has elements of improvisation that both respond to and influence movement.

SYMBIOTIC In collaboration with Jack Philp for Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company; commissioned by Dance Blast for ‘ignite’.


Polednice // Czech Lion Nominations

29 January 2017

Polednice has been nominated for 3 Czech Lion Awards; Supporting Actress, Cinematography and Sound Design.

Congratulations and good luck to the Polednice team!!
The ceremony will be held on the 4th of March in Prague. Fingers crossed.

Polednice Selfie

Release // Stompy’s Playground & Project Mooncircle

28 January 2017

This post arrives a bit late, but here it is anyways.

Stompy’s Playground has had a track released by the Berlin-based label, Project Mooncircle (which is very exciting). My arrangement of Kidsuke’s (Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe) Harmonics Pt.1 from our ‘Reworks One’ EP was selected for release on a very special compilation album; celebrating the labels 15th Anniversary.

It’s an honour to be included amongst these incredible artists and to be released by the amazing Project Mooncircle.

The compilation can be purchased here


Solo Cello Recording // Polednice Theme and Variations

17 January 2017

Late last year I was commissioned by Czech Centre London to write some new music based on my score for Polednice (aka The Noonday Witch). This was performed at a special screening of the film in November at Regent Street Cinema.

Here is a link to the piece on Soundcloud.

A huge thanks to Tom Oldfield for all his help whilst writing this piece and for playing it so brilliantly. Also a big thanks to Valerie Welbanks for performing the piece back in November.




The Noonday Witch // Regent Street Cinema

11 October 2016


After two screenings of Polednice (The Noonday Witch) at the London Film Festival the next screening will be on the 12th November at Regent Street Cinema.

This screening has a few extras for you.

The evening will begin with live music from my friend and brilliant cellist, Tom Oldfield. He’ll be playing variations upon the musical themes of my score. Then there’ll be an introduction from Mike Samir, the screenwriter/co-director and myself before the film. You’ll then hear more music from Tom.

This should be a really nice event, we hope to see plenty people there.

Tickets sold here.



BFI London Film Festival // Polednice

1 September 2016


Hey !! This is exciting….!!


The film I scored, Polednice (The Noonday Witch) will be screened twice in the BFI London Film Festival this October.

Saturday 08 October 2016 18:30 @ ICA Cinema
Monday 10 October 2016 21:00 @ Curzon Soho Cinema


Project & Performances / Raga Dawn

11 August 2016


I’m very excited to announce my involvement in Raga Dawn – performing live programming and vocal treatments.

Raga Dawn, is a vocal work that exists at sunrise. It adapts to the space it is performed in and eases the brave audience into the new day. And PLEASE NOTE, the whole event is FREE and there is a FREE breakfast that follows the performance. Plenty of coffee too.

Led by the brilliant artist, Caroline Bergvall and featuring the songs written for the project by Gavin Bryars.

The team also includes soprano Peyee Chen, sound artist Sam Grant and dramaturg Michele Pralong.

Raga Dawn


It has been a pleasure to work with these great talents. I’m very excited for the following performances:

Geneva Sunday 11th September

London Sunday 18th September (Tilbury Cruise Terminal) – with FREE bus from London.





Release / Stompy’s Playground Reworks One

8 August 2016

Stompy’s Playground, an ensemble I write/arrange for have just released the first in a series of Reworks EPs.

Playing our renditions of electronic tracks we love. We recorded this EP with the amazing Alex Beitzke at Dean Street Studios, London. I had the pleasure of producing the session alongside Alex.

And as always, it was great fun working with the members of the band.


Photography ©

Here’s my arrangement of one of my favourite tracks Harmonics Pt.1 by the incredible electronic duo Kidsuke.

*Link here as the Soundcloud embed seems to be a little unruly*



Remix / Farewell Modhachaidh

28 April 2016

My talented drum hitting-music writing friend Corrie Dick asked me to remix a track from his recent album, Impossible Things. An incredibly beautiful album, go check it out!

Release / Polednice Soundtrack

21 April 2016

Very excited to announce that my score for Polednice can now be purchased on iTunes and other online music stores.

Get streaming on Spotify or Soundcloud.



Sample Pack / Samplephonics

26 March 2016

I recently completed a sample pack for Samplephonics in the style of one of my favourite labels, Erased Tapes.

Have a listen to the demo. If you like what you hear you can purchase it from the Samplephonics site.


PPP – Post Polednice Premiere

4 March 2016

Prague was lovely. The film was scary. The people were Czech [and awesome as usual]. All in all, an amazing experience.

Polednice Selfie

Polednice Premiere / 2rd March

29 February 2016

I’m heading to Prague tomorrow for the Premiere of Polednice on the 2nd March. It has been an awesome journey.

I can relate to the excitement of Karolína Lipowská (the daughter in the film) in this picture….unless it is fear in her eyes…I can’t be sure…

Here’s the trailer

Lovely photo’s from the set.

Karolína Lipowská20


Welcome one and all to my shiny new website!

28 February 2016

Here you will find a variety of self congratulating nonsense that I hope a few of you find interesting.

*A special thank you must go to Caitlin Rowley for her skills and patience needed to help me build this site.*