A few small snippets from my contemporary classical compositions. All from my time at Trinity Laban.

Particularly notable is ‘Symmetree’ (2014), my final year composition. This piece was my first attempt to create something large-scale and multi-disciplinary. Dance meeting music meeting installation art.
Take a browse of the media below to gain a sense of the work.

symmetree 45

A 26 strong, un-conducted, semi-improvising ensemble consisting of 4 tubas, 3 double basses, 3 bass clarinets, 4 cellos, 4 violas, and 8 violins. [All about that bass]. The players followed cues from the Lydian Tree and instructions from a graphic score.

The ensemble circled the audience placing them inside the piece.

in the round 20res

I plan to further develop Symmetree over the next few years. I believe it has a lot of potential.

leaning in 25

rehearsal 30