I’ve had a busy few year’s working with contemporary dancers. My first collaboration was with choreographer Christopher Spraggs, we worked on my final year project at Trinity Laban, ‘Symmetree‘.

Since then I have worked with some very talented choreographers and equally talented dancers.
These include Jack Philp and the Jack Philp Company, Ingvild Olsen, Gaia Cicolani, Olivia Edginton and a second collaboration with Christopher Spraggs.

Take a look at these various projects I’ve worked on.

PSYCHOACOUSTIC // the Jack Philp Company

Based on a mirror neuron theory and using existing research in the field, we want to test whether we can re- create and heighten particular emotional responses in a spectator- based on specifically crafted movement, visual projection and the sounds themselves from our everyday. With a spectator engaging in a piece of dance, can certain areas of the body be activated by their watching, certain areas associated with the development of particular emotions. The project then questions if we are then able to suggest certain types of emotional response and test the accuracy within our choices.

INTER_PHASE // Choreography Christopher Spraggs

Everything we do in life is a function of time within the environment it happens, being a consequence of what has come before, and affecting what will come after (talking, moving, thinking, breathing…)
We move from point to point, writing lines through time and space, weaving for ourselves and each other the fabric of existence.

This durational performance is part of our continuing investigation into how collectively we do what we do by applying principles from Dynamic Systems Theory (including its application in Cognitive Science) to the Choreographic Process.

Interplay // Choreography Ingvild Olsen

A choreographic work exploring the collective behaviour of human flocking, stimulated by the motion of bird flocking, INTERPLAY is a structured improvisation with a score that developed from the practical research of this investigation.

According to Philip Ball, the collective behaviour of birds is still present in humans; he believes that the instinct to follow and merge as a species remains alive inside us. The process allowed the choreographer and performers to explore this notion in various forms, exploring how as humans we could together develop this interplay.

Just Another Grain of Sand // Choreography & Performer Gaia Cicolani

She knew that this day, this feeling, couldn’t last forever.

Everything passed; that was partly why it was so beautiful.
Things would get difficult again. But that was okay too.
The bravery was in moving forward, no matter what.” L. Oliver

“Just another grain of sand” is inspired by “Persistence of Memory”, Salvador Dali’s painting.
Unavoidable, time is there, but it is not universal. Everyone is in time but no one perceives it in the same way.
Time goes always forward, it is impossible to stop or reverse, but many things can happen in a very short amount of time.