The Lydian Tree is an original concept of mine and my first art installation.

I teamed up with a good friend, Matt Watt to develop through prototyping this idea and create a full sized 7 foot, touch responsive tree of sound and light.

The tree has been used in two performance situations so far. The first was ‘Symmetree‘ a multidisciplinary piece combining the forces of contemporary music (both electronic and acoustic), contemporary dance and art installation.

The other performance was at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston with the incredible Elliot Galvin Trio [European Young Artists’ Jazz Award 2014]. The tree was adapted to their join them onstage as another improvising performer, controlled by me.

The Lydian Tree admittedly has a long road ahead of it with a lot more R&D to be done. But, we have already started to explore a variety of avenues/applications for the tree. There is interest from some expected and also unexpected places. Art galleries, music festivals and art centres but also music therapists, schools and hospitals. An interactive sculpture like the Lydian Tree has an accessibility that makes it suitable for a wide scope of uses.

For now the hunt for funding is on.